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DALIAN HEFU TRADING CO., LTD. locates at the beautiful seaside city-- Dalian, China. It is a professional comprehensive chemical company aimed at producing and selling on Chemical field. It has been growing fast with powerful creation and brilliant progress. and had become one of the most important Chinese chemical suppliers.

HEFU TRADING owns the import and export company for ourselves----DALIAN F.T.Z.GREAT INDUSTRY & TRADE CO., LTD.(www.dlwawoo.com), which has built and consolidated the stable Customer groups through many years great efforts.

We had built good commercial relationship with many domestic and foreign chemical company, our products are exported to more than 20 countries all over the world, such Japan, Korea, America, South East Asian etc



Our company has built a persulfate factory which area is about 40,000.00 square meter on Fujian Province. Current annual production capacity is 12,600.00mt one year, it is the mainly Persulfate’s maker in China. For the purpose of improving the quality of the Potassium Persulfate, our production process uses Potassium Hydroxide Method, and the product quality is at the front-runner status of domestic. Through the continuous Exploration and research, we improve the production process of persulfate chemicals greatly, which making the Ammonia content at a low level, satisfying the customers' environmental protection requirement, thus effectively cutting down the user's cost. The Ammonium Persulfate uses specially production process which lead the product is not easy to caking and particle size distribution. Meantime, the freezing uses Methyl Alcohol Technology, and has been unanimous approval by the users at domestic and overseas.The production of sodium persulfate also adopts the unique production technology in China, and the products are exported to all over the world. At the same time, ammonium persulfate and sodium persulfate have achieved the high level and high standard quality requirements of electronic level and reagent level, and almost meet the needs of all domestic and foreign customers, and the sales volume is also very few in China. Please refer to the catalogue for specific product specifications.

The company cooperated with Zhejiang Chem-Tech Group investing together to research and develop Silane coupling agent and germicide series chemicals, for example Phenyltris(dimethylsiloxy)Silane(CAS: 18027-45-7), Phenoxytrimethyl Silane(CAS: 1529-17-5), (Chloromethyl)trichlorosilane(CAS: 1558-25-4), 3-Methacryloxy Propyl Trimethoxysilane(CAS: 2530-85-0), 3-Glycidoxy Propyl Methyl Dimethoxy Silane(CAS: 65799-47-5), 1,6-bis (Trimethoxysilyl) hexane(CAS: 87135-01-1), 1,2-Bis(triethoxysilyl)ethane(CAS: 16068-37-4). The product quality is steady, some quality had been even beyond Japanese same product, well accepted by the user at home and abroad.

Meantime, we supply the 1,3,5,7-Tetramethylcyclotetrasiloxane(D4H, CAS: 2370-88-9), Divinyl Tetramethyl Disiloxane(CAS: 2627-95-4) and 4-Vinyl-1-cyclohexene 1,2-epoxide(CAS: 106-86-5) to Japan steadily at present.

The new type germicide Isopropyl Methylphemol(IPMP) which imported from Japan, it is widely used as antiseptic in most type of cosmetic, pharmaceuticals and industries. It is almost odorless, shows slight stypticity, no skin stimulating. It could sterilize including most fungus and virus.But contains no harmful substance such as halogen, heavy metal and hormone etc.. It also indicates high stability, could be fit for long term storage.

HEFU TRADING also as the agent of Technoporous Roller which is produced by FUSHIMI Pharmaceutical Co., ltd. Technoporous Roller is a continuous micro-porous foam roller based on FUSHIMI's original technology, excellent in various properties such as softness, resilience water absorption and chemical resistance. In addition, TECHNOPOROUS Roller is made of alternative base polymers of polyolefin or polyurethane, so that the most suitable roller can be selected for diverse uses each. For example, a polyolefin roller is recommendable in a chemical resistance demanding use, and so is a polyurethane roller in an abrasion resistance demanding use.

Our company cooperates with United Initiators (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to sell organic peroxides, and the production place is in United Initiators (Germany) Co., Ltd. The main products are benzoyl peroxide, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, tert butyl benzoate, etc. Organic peroxides produced in chemical industry are mainly used as polymerization initiators and catalysts for synthetic resins.

Hefu trading also cooperates with many domestic factories to sell potassium persulfate. Potassium persulfate complex salt (potassium monopersulfate, potassium bisulfate) is a stable, convenient and excellent acid oxidant with wide application. Its application fields include oral cleaning, swimming pool and hot spring water disinfection, circuit board etching agent, pulp bleaching, shrink proof treatment of wool fabric, extraction of precious metals, etc.; potassium persulfate compound salt is in organic synthesis As an important auxiliary agent, it can epoxidate the double bond in organic molecules. It is a free radical initiator for many polymerization reactions. In addition, potassium persulfate compound salt can be used as oxidant of sulfur-containing substances such as hydrogen sulfide in wastewater treatment, low-temperature oxygen bleaching agent in detergent and oxygen supply agent in aquaculture.



Make the impossible possible

HEFU Trading's Business Mission is "become a worthy of trust and promoting the development's corporate citizen which creates wealth for Society", firmly convinced "Make the impossible possible" as the Working Attitude, while its Operation Philosophy abides by "Responsibility to Create win-win Development", actively takes on fulfilling its social responsibility and promoting common development.



Responsibility, Creation, Win-win Development

Willing to work with friends from all walks of life to mutual understanding and mutual trust, to creates wealth through the responsibility to our customers and the community, achieve "Mutual Benefit, Sincere Cooperation", sincerely wish our cargo could bring you a brilliant success.



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